Friday, March 7, 2014

Excerpt from Vacant Hearts for my Facebook Audience - Caution Contains Adult Content.

  “You know, a shower can be the ultimate sensual experience if done right.  How’d you like me to show you?”
     My eyes light up in anticipation.  “You can show me anything,” I say huskily.  Right now I’m feeling hot and wet and it isn't because of the shower.
     “Turn around,” he orders.  He puts my head under the shower until my hair is thoroughly soaked.  Then he takes some shampoo, squirts it onto my hair and begins to rub it in.  He has both of his hands in my hair, fingers massaging my scalp in slow long strokes.  It feels so good, that I have to moan out loud.  I move my head back and he takes his fingers and rakes them through my scalp from the top of my forehead to the bottom of my hair, which reaches the middle of my back.  I never knew that the simple act of shampooing my hair could turn into something so erotic, so hot.  He does this several times before he helps me wash it out.  Next, he does the same thing with the conditioner, working it into the bottom of my hair.
     I’m a little light-headed after that so he takes a break from me to wash his own hair quickly.  I lean up against the wall and watch him hungrily.  My eyes follow the suds as they drip down his body and I wish it was me tracing my fingers down instead.  He quickly rinses off and spins me around so I’m facing the wall away from the shower head.  “Don’t move,” he whispers into my ear.  I tremble with anticipation.
     I feel his hands on my shoulders, rubbing in some body wash.  He lathers me up and works his way down to my breasts, circling my nipples with his fingers.  He takes his time, soaping them up until I go weak at the knees.  Then he moves down, making slow circles on my belly.  Lower and lower he goes and I start to breathe heavily the closer he gets to my clit.  He puts his hands on my hips and slides them inward and down until he reaches my labia and then goes back to my hips.  He repeats this action several times until I push up against him in ecstasy.  Now he moves one hand to my clitoris, circling it, using the soap as a lubricant.  He presses down and alternates rubbing, circling and pinching.  I fall forward against the wall.  I can barely stand, my knees are trembling so violently, but he doesn’t stop.  He speeds up his motion and the sounds of desire escape from my lips.

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