Sunday, February 16, 2014

Who is DJ Larkin?

If you've stumbled across this site, you may be asking yourself who just how DJ Larkin is.  I'm an author of five bestselling novels, a concert pianist, and a former NHL hockey player.  Impressed?  So would I be if I met a person like that.  Actually, I'm probably just like you - someone who has wanted to write a novel in their spare time when work, kids and the other vicissitudes of life allow me a moment to breathe.

This blog is for you, the reader, to follow me down this path of writing from start to finish.  From the first word on the first page, to the end of the beginning, which is publishing it.  Join me as I explain my methods, my triumphs and failures until I get to the end.  Perhaps I can teach you what I've learned.  Perhaps we will learn together.  I cannot promise success, I can only promise that I will do my best to succeed.  The cruel reality of it is that no matter how good, most novels will not succeed.

But have faith, believe in yourself and your novel.  If we only sell one book, then that is one book more than we've ever sold before.  Follow me down this new and scary path.  The path of authorship.  My next post will delve into my thought process for my first book, Vacant Hearts, which I hope to publish very soon.  

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